February 21, 2012

Chilli Sauce

Suprisingly, this is my first batch of chilli sauce since I got my Thermomix (2 years ago!)  (I used to make my chilli sauce in very large batches to make the effort worthwhile).

The Thermomix made it all so simple and the colour is so much more vibrant than cooking it on the stove top.

My recipe is a "bit of this" and a "bit of that" and of course a lot depends on the amount of heat in your chilli (the rule of thumb being the smaller they are the hotter they are.  They also take the longest to prep for chilli sauce - because you need to cut the tops off them and that is always more fiddly!)

As you can see the ones that I mainly used were the medium sized ones but this still resulted in quite a spicy sauce even when combined with 1kg of tomatoes!

250g brown onions (approximately 2 medium)
60g ginger (approximately 5cm knob)
30g garlic (approximately 1 large bulb of garlic cloves)
330g chilli (after removing tops)
1kg tomatoes
70g raw sugar
1 tsp salt
60g apple cider vinegar


1. Place onions, ginger, garlic, chilli and tomatoes in TM bowl. Chop on speed 7 for 10 seconds.
2. Add sugar, salt and vinegar. Cook for 45 minutes on Varoma temperature, speed 1. Place rice basket on top to prevent spitting.
3. Decant into sterilised jars.

Especially good with chicken dishes and in a stir fry!


  1. Hi. I just found you blog and am absolutely loving it!!! You have great recipes and share the same love of the Thermomix!!
    Thank you for sharing all these fab recipes. You're now pinned to my favourite blogs <3
    Ashleigh ~Dashes of Love~

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Ashleigh. Life has been busy but it is comments like these that encourage me to make time for blogging again.

  2. I was just popping on to repeat what Ashleigh (above me in the comments) said! I've passed on a couple of recipes (the Chinese ravioli and the Chicken and chorizo bake) to my customers and I've saved your blog to my feed reader.
    So many really good, USEABLE recipes! You should really start blogging again.

    1. Thanks Frogdancer. Sorry for the very late reply! I have a couple of blog recipes up my sleeve and will endeavour to get them out soon! :)

  3. Hello,
    How long will this keep for? Do I need to boil the jars after making it?

    1. I sterilise the jars and lids by cooking them in the oven for 5 mins at 130C. After I put the chilli sauce in, I use these covers: http://www.ozfarmer.com/fowlers-vacola-kleerview-covers-home-made-jam before I put the lid back on. It creates a vacuum seal when the sauce cools and I don't boil the jars after making. I keep it unopened up to a year in the fridge.

  4. How long can you keep once open ?

    1. I have never really tested how long they can last - i'ts usually eaten before it has a chance to go mouldy! I tend to use smaller jars so that they are used up quicker when opened. Maybe at a guess it could probably last three months in the fridge? (provided a clean spoon is used each time (ie no contamination from other foods)).

  5. I halved the recipe, as I didn't have enough chillies, but cooked it for the full 45 minutes without thinking of the ramifications . I now have a very thick sauce.
    What should I have done differently?

    1. Hi Julie. Thanks for visiting and trying it out. As there was less ingredients it would have taken less time to reduce it all down, so maybe would have been done in 2/3s of the time. How spicy is your resulting sauce? If you don't mind making it a bit milder, maybe you can blitz up 250gs of tomatoes with a tablespoon of raw sugar, bring it to Varoma temp, add your thick sauce, then cook it at Varoma together for another couple of minutes or until it is the consistency that you want it.

    2. thanks for your reply . I'm not sure how spicy it was as I can't eat spicy food-only made for the hubby. But he loved it how it came so I didn't bother with adding the extra tomatoes.
      Up to making my 3rd batch now!! It's my go to recipe. Everybody loves it.
      Great job.

    3. That's fantastic to hear Julie!